Coaching Analysis Part 2: Metropolitan Division

Note: This is Part 2 of the series on coaching analysis. Part 1 is here.

In this post, I’ll do a brief review of each team’s coach history from the current Metropolitan Division. These graphs only show a team’s performance in 5v5 situations from 2005 to 2016. The vertical lines indicate when a season begins. The horizontal line shows the 50% mark, where a team would be if it had as many shots for as shots against. The bold line is a smoothed representation of the team’s shot percentage. The faded bands around the bold line indicate 95% confidence intervals. These intervals show the uncertainty around the smoothed estimation of the data.

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25 Games In, What Does the Corsi Say?

Happy Max Corsi Productivity Day! We’ve reached the point in the season where Corsi best predicts future winning percentage. There’s plenty of more advanced ways to better predict how the rest of the season will go, but Corsi offers a simple baseline in a way that helps explain why it is so important.  I’ll first explain what that means and why it matters, then take a look at how we can use it to predict basic shifts in the standings for the rest of the NHL season.

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League Wide Report for Weeks 1-4


As a person who learns best by looking at visual representations of data, I have a couple of statistics that I check on a regular basis to hep me calibrate my interpretation of what’s happening around the NHL. I’m going to start sharing them in a regular series that I hope will give a quick overview of how teams are performing around the league. The goal is for this to be a high level view of the basic trends for all 30 teams that will draw attention to specific areas that might need to be explored further. The charts in this article are up to date through last night’s games. All data is via

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