Pittsburgh Penguins

The charts below include both cumulative and 20-game moving averages of the measures, as well as league averages and +/- 1 standard deviations from league average for the seasons queried. Personally, for any one season I prefer to show +/- 1 standard deviation in the measure and then the team’s measure in-question, and leave out the league average or anything else that might clutter. But it’s up to you. To choose different seasons and lines, click on the grey “Report” bar, then select “Filter.”

If you’re stumped as to which seasons you should query, you might find our franchise possession and shooting history charts helpful; they depict each franchise’s entire history, and can indicate some of the seasons where drastic changes took place.

If you need help with learning how to use the graphs, or troubleshooting, or have questions, suggestions, or data requests, please check out our tutorial.

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