Behind the Numbers: Pareto’s Principle, Power Law Distribution, and when tracking data does not matter

Every once-in-a-while I will rant on the concepts and ideas behind what numbers suggest in a series called Behind the Numbers, as a tip of the hat to the website that brought me into hockey analytics: Behind the Net. My ramblings will look at the theory and philosophy behind analytics and their applications given what is already publicly known, keeping my job safe while still getting to interact with the public hockey-sphere.

Hello. Hope everyone is enjoying my return after a long hiatus. I am back from my busy schedule of helping run a tracking company that sells private tracking data to argue here against overvaluing private tracking data (and in addition black-box models)… or really I’m suggesting to not underrate what’s in the public.

You heard that right. The guy that has vested interests in demonizing public models and data is going to defend public models and data!

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