Historical Team Comparisons

by Benjamin Wendorf

The bulk of the charts available at Hockey Graphs allow for looking at teams or players individually. Rather than just leave it at that, we have provided a tool for comparing historical teams alongside other teams in their league for that season, or even from one season to another’s. There are some limitations to the reach – there is an arbitrary cut-off in the data, with one set of comparisons from 1952-53 to 1992-93, and the second set 1993-94 to 2014-15. This is because the Excel embeds don’t allow the full 1952-53 through 2014-15 set of data…but that’s the price for cheap and convenient — so be it for now. The 1992-93 season is chosen as the cut-off because a) it’s roughly in the middle of the data, and b) because the 1992-93 season marks the point in which the NHL began to fall into the Dead Puck Era (from which they’ve never really emerged).

All of the data has been compiled, organized, and calculated from The Hockey Summary Project‘s gamesheets (give that link a look, it really is an extraordinary site). There was a considerable amount of time spent removing errors from the data, as well as personally researching data from a number of missing seasons.

The comparison charts available:

If you need help with learning how to use the graphs, or troubleshooting, or have questions, suggestions, or data requests, please check out our tutorial.

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