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Benjamin Wendorf, Ph.D.:

Currently, Benjamin is an associate professor of history at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He previously worked as a freelance NHL analytics writer, most recently for The Hockey News and the Chicago Tribune. Before the establishment of Hockey Graphs, he was an editor at Gabe Desjardins’ Behind the Net blog and later Arctic Ice Hockey, and editor-in-chief of the Maple Leaf Press Season Preview magazine for the new Winnipeg Jets’ inaugural season. Overall, Benjamin has been researching and writing hockey analysis for ten years. He tweets regularly from @BenjaminWendorf.

Ben’s H-G Archive Link


Garik16 is a former Pitchf/x analyst at The Hardball Times and Beyond the Box Score (with guest spots at Amazin Avenue) who has in the last few years turned his eye to hockey analytics, mainly covering the New York Islanders unofficially at Lighthouse Hockey.  He enjoys trying to teach people about so-called hockey fancy stats and somehow tries to manage his spare time well enough to track Isles’ zone entries.  In his real life he’s an attorney on Long Island.  He can be reached at Twitter at @garik16 or by email at garik16[at] gmail [dot] com.

Garik’s H-G Archive Link

Garret Hohl:

After concluding his career as a touring musician, Garret was reinvigorated by the return of his hometown Winnipeg Jets and immersed himself into the hockey blogosphere. Garret was introduced to advanced statistics through the writings of Gabriel Desjardins on the now defunct blog Behind the Net. With a scientific background while studying Combined Honours in Biology and Chemistry as a student at the University of British Columbia, the analytical approach to viewing hockey statistically evoked extreme interest. Garret worked as an Analytics Specialist for CKM Sports Management, a young and analytically inclined player agency based in Vancouver. He now is the co-founder and CTO of HockeyData, a data tracking and analysis company. He has previously written in the Winnipeg Free Press, Hockey Prospectus, Jets Nation, and Arctic Ice Hockey. You can follow him on Twitter: @GarretHohl.

Garret’s H-G Archive Link


Asmae Toumi

Asmae developed an interest in analytics due to her relentless motivation to convince people that her favorite player, Brad Marchand, is in fact an elite player. When she’s not doing so, she manages the day-to-day operations of Hockey-Graphs, oversees the creative and editorial process, and serves as the blog’s official representative. You can send her an e-mail at atoumi.cu@gmail.com and follow @asmae_toumi on Twitter.

Asmae’s H-G Archive Link

 Article she co-authored (1)

Article she co-authored (2)

Director of Social Media

Carolyn Wilke

Best known for her research into salary and player valuation stemming from her experience as a marketing analyst, Carolyn is the former managing hockey editor at FanRag Sports. She also co-hosts a tongue-in-cheek podcast on the Dallas Stars called Deep in the Heart of Hockey. Find Carolyn on twitter @Classlicity.

Carolyn’s H-G Archive Link


Alex Novet

Alex Novet is a data scientist in Berkeley, California. He was born on Long Island to a family of Islander fans and never had a chance to escape what that fandom entailed. He is interested in all aspects of hockey analytics, especially neutral zone work, and his previous work can be found on his blog at www.fancystatsisland.wordpress.com. He can be reached at anovet@gmail.com or on Twitter at @AlexNovet. He previously graduated from the University of Chicago, where he majored in Economics and Political Science.

Alex’s H-G Archive Link

Don’t Tell Me About Heart

DTM About Heart is a Data Analyst for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment as well as their professional sports teams (NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL, Premier League). He currently spends most of his time focused on hockey (Colorado Avalanche). Before being hired by KSE he had been writing about hockey analytics for about four years. Some of his more prominent work to-date includes his Wins Above Replacement Model, NHL Draft Probability Model, xSV% (Expected Goals) and Corsi Plus-Minus. Before writing at Hockey-Graphs he had exclusively written at his own blog. You can find him on twitter @dtmaboutheart or reach by email at dtmaboutheart [at] gmail [dot] com.

DTMAH’s H-G Archive Link

Namita Nandakumar

Namita is currently a quantitative analyst for the Philadelphia Eagles and messes around with hockey data in her spare time. She can be found on Twitter at , where she reminds people that Johnny Gaudreau is from South Jersey and was never a Devils fan.

Namita’s H-G Archive Link

Ryan Stimson

Ryan is a Level III USA Hockey Certified Coach who has specialized in advancing the tactical benefits of data-driven analysis. He consulted with RIT’s Men’s Hockey Team from 2015 – 2018 and coached at the U14 level during the 2017 – 2018 season. Ryan built his own systems and strategies based on analytical insights and wrote about trying to apply some of those concepts in his own coaching experience in his book, Tape to Space: Redefining Modern Hockey Tactics. In addition to writing at Hockey-Graphs, Ryan writes at The Athletic and The Coaches Site. 

Ryan’s H-G Archive Link


Adam Stringham

Adam is a native of the greater DC metropolitan area and is a life long Capitals fan. He began writing about hockey statistics in January of 2014 and is now an associate editor for Japers’ Rink. His favorite activities include: reminiscing about how exciting the Capitals used to be, begrudging line combinations, and spending time with friends and family. Adam graduated Duquesne University in 2013 and currently works as a financial analyst for a medical device company in Baltimore, Maryland. You can follow him on Twitter @stringhama.

Adam runs the Hockey Graph’s Podcast.

Adam’s H-G Archive Link

Alan (“loserpoints”)

Alan is a hockey fan who got into analytics to try to better understand his favorite team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Since getting involved, he has helped track games for the passing project. He also did some of the initial work in establishing the basis for dangerous shot contributions based on the passing project data. He does league wide analysis and data visualization at Hockey Graphs and Lightning focused work at Raw Charge. When he’s not messing around with pictures of hockey data, he works in Florida with only finest locally sourced artisanal data sets. You can find him on Twitter @loserpoints occasionally tweeting hockey stuff but mostly making dumb jokes.

Alan’s H-G Archive Link

Alison Lukan

Alison analyzes the game of hockey through data-driven storytelling. She believes that hockey is both a science and an art and seeks to explore that relationship by marrying analytics, video and the words of those within the game. Alison is currently a contributor at The Athletic covering the Columbus Blue Jackets. Her work has also appeared on the team’s site as well as on Yahoo! and Fox Sports. Alison has a degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond, and is certified in Lean Six Sigma and DISC. You can reach her at alisonlukan [at] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter at @AlisonL.

Alyssa Longmuir

Alyssa is voluntarily an Oilers fan based in Sydney, Australia and would really love people to stop commenting on how tragic that is.  As one of the Co-Founders of Even-Strength and lead analyst for the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League Alyssa, is at the forefront of women’s hockey data and analytics. With a focus on building the use of analytics in under-represented areas of the sports, she can frequently be found begging for anyone to give her even shots on goal per player and would love to one day not have to track everything by hand. You can reach her at aklongmuir [at] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter @AlyssasTweeting.

Conor Tompkins

Conor Tompkins is a hockey writer focusing on data visualization, modern hockey statistics, and discovering new ways to look at the game. Conor is a 9th year Penguins bandwagoner living in the city of Pittsburgh. He currently blogs at NullHypothesisHockey.com. You can find him on twitter @Null_HHockey, and by email at NullHHockey [at] gmail [dot] com.

Conor’s H-G Archive Link

Ian Fleming

Ian is the current Director of Strategy and Analytics for the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer, previously holding the same title with the San Jose Earthquakes and, in a previous life, played collegiately at the NCAA Division II level. You can find him on Twitter at @imfleming16, much of his older visual work at his website, and can be reached by email at ianmichaelfleming [at] gmail [dot] com.


Josh and Luke Younggren are EvolvingWild. They are twins, they are from Minnesota, and they like the Minnesota Wild. They have (what some may call) an obsession with developing methods for evaluating NHL players using publicly available data. They also like baseball. They can be reached on twitter .

EW’s H-G Archive Link

Matt Pfeffer

Matt Pfeffer is a native of Ottawa. His statistical analysis career began at 10 years old when he called in to Team 1200 to support the 2004 MVP candidacy of Ilya Kovalchuk. Later, while studying at Trent University, he began working for the Peterborough Petes, and later the Ottawa 67’s. He was recruited by Misha Donskov to join the Hockey Canada team and has worked for them ever since providing analytical information for the men’s national teams. Along the way Pfeffer has consulted for NHL teams, written for sites like Hockey Prospectus and his own former pet project, Progressive Hockey, and during his time with Powerscout he had the opportunity to work with camera-captured hockey data. Pfeffer is a baseball and soccer enthusiast, his favourite team being Manchester City. He can be found tweeting at @MattPfefferHky.

Meghan Hall

Meghan, a recent but avid hockey fan, is a Texas expat currently living in New England. She co-hosts Balls & Sticks, a baseball and hockey podcast with an analytical bent, and is interested in many aspects of hockey analytics, particularly those that are best explained through data viz. She works in higher education and in her spare time, likes to cook and watch baseball. Mostly, she wishes teams would be more aggressive when pulling their goalie. She can be found on Twitter @MeghanMHall.

Mike Murphy

Mike is a freelance sports journalist dedicated to enriching the coverage of analysis of women’s hockey. He is the Deputy Managing Editor of both Blueshirt Banter and The Ice Garden and is also a contributor for Sporting News. Mike is one of the co-creators of behindthebenches.com and is the co-host of the Bantering the Blueshirts podcast. You can find him on twitter at @DigDeepBSB.

Mike Pfeil

Mike Pfeil is the former community manager of Flamesnation. A nine-year telecommunications veteran Mike works for one of Western Canada’s largest telecommunications providers specializing in outage prevention, statistical analysis, and preventative trouble management. Currently Mike contributes to Flamesnation, focusing on his penalty kill research and is working to complete his special teams tracking data-sets for the public. He can be found tweeting here at @mikeFAIL

Muneeb Alam

Muneeb has been a Caps fan since 2003, making him the exact opposite of a bandwagon fan. He grew up (mostly) in Virginia and starting writing about the Caps at his own blog just before they got “Halak’d,” and started contributing to Japers’ Rink  in 2013. Muneeb graduated from Columbia in 2015 with a major in astrophysics and a minor in economics, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Imperial College London. You can contact him over Twitter @muneebalamcu  or via email at redarmylinecaps [at] gmail [dot] com.

Nick Mercadante

Nick Mercadante is a former goaltender who has been passionate about analyzing hockey since he was young (not coincidentally around the same time he was told he was too short to ever make it to the show). He has coached at the youth, high school, junior and collegiate levels. His passion for in-depth, data-driven, analysis prompted him to start writing and tweeting about the game. His work can be found on BlueshirtBanter.com. Nick is a Tulane University Law School Grad and Connecticut native, where he now practices law and lives with his wife and their three dogs. Yes, he has a Whalers tattoo. He is on Twitter @nmercad or can be reached through email at nick [dot] mercadante [at] gmail [dot] com.

Prashanth Iyer

Prashanth is a long-time Red Wings fan, having spent the better part of his childhood living outside of Detroit. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 with his doctorate in pharmacy and currently works as a cardiology pharmacy specialist at the University of North Carolina. He is the co-creator of @meta_hockey, a running bibliography of all things hockey analytics. You can find his previous work and Red Wings-focused work over at Winging It In Motown and The Athletic Detroit. You can contact him over at Twitter @iyer_prashanth or via email at piyer97 [at] gmail [dot] com.


As a long suffering Canucks’ fan, pb takes comfort in the idea Einstein was only half right: God might not play dice with the world, but the Hockey Gods do. Bringing together a background in engineering and business, pb is interested in exploring was of bringing best practices in data-driven decision-making to the NHL. You can find him on Twitter at @petbugs13 and @GraphicComments or you can email him at petbugs [at] gmail [dot] com.

Petbugs’ H-G Archive List

Sean Tierney

Sean Tierney makes a lot of hockey dataviz and some hockey tools too. He writes articles that really heavily on charts and gifs to fuse together stats and on-ice play. Sean has written for a variety of hockey sites, appears on as many podcasts as possible, and is a regular on TSN Hockey Analytics. Follow him @ChartingHockey and be prepared for an avalanche of daily hockey charts on your timeline.

Sean’s H-G Archive Link

Shawn Ferris

Shawn is a college student at Western New England University in Springfield Massachusetts. He developed an interest in analytics when he wanted to prove how Corsi failed to evaluate defensemen (relative save percentage was his big idea). He has been enlightened since then and loves to take on edgy and new topics. He has a special love for all aspects of analytics including drafting, all in one stats, and micro stats.

Shawn’s H-G Archive Link

Shayna Goldman

Shayna is a Henrik Lundqvist fan living in New York who focuses on all different aspects of hockey research and analytics. Shayna is a senior editor of Blueshirt Banter, co-creator of Behind the Benches, and currently covers the Rangers and Islanders as a contributor for The Athletic. She has a Masters in Sports Business with a concentration in Professional and Collegiate Sports from New York University. You can find her on Twitter at @hayyyshayyy.

Shayna’s H-G Archive Link

Dani Chu

Dani is studying statistics as a masters student at Simon Fraser University. He is interested in asking and answering strategy questions in sports (Basketball, Hockey, Football and Rowing to name a few). You can find him on twitter @chuurveg and his work at his website. He will always cheer for the team playing against the Bruins.



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