Individual Skill, Coaching/Systems, or Randomness: What is driving open play results in the Offensive, Defensive and Neutral zones?

Can a team lose the neutral zone and still drive possession in the other zones to win the possession battle? Todd McLellan thinks so.

These days, when we talk about possession, we’re typically talking about a player’s corsi/fenwick/shot numbers overall, or we break them down into shots for and against.  The thing about doing this is that while it gives you a decent picture of what overall is happening while a player or team is on the ice, it doesn’t really give you a specific picture – does a player have a good corsi because he’s an elite offensive zone player or is it his performance in neutral and defensive zone causing this?  Even separating into shots for and against doesn’t narrow this down – for instance, a player can suppress shots by being in the neutral (or hell, even offensive zones), which doesn’t say anything about him necessarily in the defensive zone.

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Prediction: Fighting the Coin

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Image by “” via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, size couldn’t work forever…the Ducks’ failure to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals realized the 30% chance that none of our brackets correctly picked both series winners last round. My only conclusion is we don’t know anything about hockey.

In a related story, SAP bricked one of their picks as well, so the Finals will ultimately determine if their “85% accurate model” manages to do better than a coin flip this year (as of right now, they are 8 for 14). Let’s see how truculence, size, and experience did last round, where they stand for the playoffs, and which one of them will accurately predict who wins the Cup.

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