Franchise History – Shooting (Sh%)

by Benjamin Wendorf

The calculations are fairly straightforward, putting the data together was not. For a few years, I have compiled, arranged, and calculated the data from about 60 years of NHL games on The Hockey Summary Project pages — a majority of the time spent researching to remove errors and finding data from missing seasons. This included data for team shooting percentages, made available here. I’ve added options for displaying league-average shooting percentage as well as one standard deviation above and below league average (“1 SD+” and “1 SD-“) to give you a sense of how the team performed relative to the rest of the league. To filter in the teams/lines of your choosing, click on the grey “Team” bar and select “Filter.”

If you’re interested to see what happened within one of these seasons (ex: Were the Boston Bruins that good for all of 1993-94, or did they take off at some point?), I highly recommend checking out our single season charts. We’ve also added comparison charts, where you can place individual team seasons side-by-side with other franchises’ in a variety of metrics.

P.S. Some of the limits of the display are really just the limits of the embed and WordPress. If you have an Office Online account, you can click on the bottom right icon below any of the graphs to see the data; if you don’t, you can still download the document by clicking the left-most of the icons in the bottom right.

If you need help with learning how to use the graphs, or troubleshooting, or have questions, suggestions, or data requests, please check out our tutorial.

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