#RITHAC Recap with Slides!

After a wildly successful Hockey Analytics Conference at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I wanted to say a few words of gratitude to everyone involved.

First off, this means a huge thank you to all that attended and viewed online. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your weekend to come listen to us all wax on about hockey analytics and things we spend hours laboring on. I feel I can speak for all the speakers when I say, it really does mean a lot to see that support and encouragement. So, thank you.

Next, to Matthew Hoffman and Paul Wenger, both professors at RIT. Matt was instrumental in paving the way to make this happen. Paul was a big hand helping out with the live stream and time-stamping the presentations so quickly after the conference ended. Huge thanks to both of them. Great guys and they deserve a ton of thanks for this event.

There are also several great write-ups on the conference out there already. David Johnson, Sean Tierney, John Matisz, and Scott Cullen all wrote or commented on the day’s proceedings.

But enough of them, let’s talk about the speakers themselves. They came from far and wide and ended up offering a thorough and entertaining day’s worth of incredible insights. Many names were familiar to the community: Micah Blake McCurdy, David Johnson, Jen Lute Costella, and Stephen Burtch were all heavy-hitters in the stats community that did not disappoint. Seeing the work of Carolyn Wilke in person and not just in articles or on Twitter was a delightful experience. War-on-Ice’s secret weapon, Alexandra Mandrycky, took us through the LA Kings “Cap Hell” of 2014 – 2015.

There were new voices as well. Kyle Stich used a financial approach to estimating the return on investment of individual players. Michael Boutros examined roster makeup through ethnicity and how that impacted performance. Jessica Schmidt unveiled several seasons of labor in her compiling of microstats for the Philadelphia Flyers.

I don’t want to spoil or reveal anyone’s work as they are the best people to tell you what they did and why it’s important. So, I’ve posted links to both the Morning Session and Afternoon Session of the conference. All speakers are time-stamped in the YouTube page description.

Below are the slides for each presenter so you can follow along with their talk and dig into their work.

Alexandra Mandrycky
Jen Lute Costella
Stephen Burtch
Brad Stenger & Kevin Dawidowicz
Matthew Coller
Stefan Wolejszo
Carolyn Wilke
Jack Han
Micah Blake McCurdy
David Johnson
Michael Boutros
Kyle Stich
Jess Schmidt
Nick Mercadante

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