2018 #RITSAC Slides and Video


Photo Credit @jrho_jrho

Over the weekend, the fourth annual Sports Analytics Conference held at the Rochester Institute of Technology took place. It was an absolutely amazing time and a very busy couple of days. Below are the slides and streams from the Friday Night Tableau Workshop as well as the talks from Saturday. Enjoy!

Friday Night Tableau Workshop run by Matthew Barlowe, CJ Turtoro, and Andi Duroux. The data used in the workshop can be found here.

The stream to the workshop can be viewed here.

Saturday’s Speakers and Links to Slides

Morning Part 1 Stream

8:00 – Ian Tulloch; 30:00 – CJ Turtoro; 50:00 – Ivan Ramler; 1:14:00 – Chris Watkins; 1:51:00 – Matt Hoffman & Ryan Stimson; 2:15:00 – Judy Cohen

Ian Tulloch: Transitional Playing Styles of NHL Defensemen

CJ Turtoro: The State of NHL Microstats

Ivan Ramler: Identifying & Evaluating Successful Uncommon Team Compositions in League of Legends

Chris Watkins: Optimal NHL Roster Construction through Clustering

Matthew Hoffman & Ryan Stimson: Impact of Passing Angles on Goal-Scoring in NCAA Hockey

Judy CohenAnalysis of Boston University’s Power Play


Morning Part 2 Stream

1:00 – Matt Cane; 27:00 – Seth Partnow;

Matt Cane: Hurry Smart: An Introductory Look at Curling Analytics

Seth Partnow: Impacting Decisions In Professional Sports or Fun & Profit


Afternoon Stream

2:30 – Ron Yurko; 33:00 – Josh & Luke Younggren; 1:00:00 – Gordon Arsenoff; 1:24:30 – Alan Wells; 1:55:00 – Corey Sznajder; 2:21:30 – Danny Page; 2:47:00 – Mike Murphy; 3:15:00 – Kyle Stich & Justin White; 3:42:00 – Rodney Paul & Nick Riccardi

Ron Yurko: nflWAR: A Reproducible Method for Offensive Player Evaluation in Football

Josh and Luke Younggren: Statistical Plus-Minus & Goals Above Replacement

Gordon Arsenoff: MARKOV: The New Road to WAR

Alan Wells: Shot Assist Estimations as a Predictor of Future Scoring for Players and Teams

Corey Sznajder: Evolution of Neutral Zone Play in the NHL

Danny Page: Links to sample data sets for his talk / Laying Your Data Pipeline, For Free*

Mike Murphy: Analytics in Women’s Hockey

Kyle StichBurn the Bridge Contract

Rodney Paul & Nick Riccardi: Determinants of Game-to-Game Performance Variance of Junior Hockey Players across the CHL

Thanks again for all that attended and we’ll see you in 2019!



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