Hockey-Graphs Mentorship Program

Asmae Toumi, Editor-in-Chief

Mentorship Program



Inspired by Python’s Core Mentorship Program, we believe the best way to increase diversity in the hockey analytics community is to connect experienced and dedicated mentors with interested beginners. The aim of the Hockey-Graphs Mentorship Program (HMP) is to inspire people from various backgrounds, especially underrepresented persons, to contribute to the flourishing hockey analytics community.

This is where HMP mentors come in. Mentors will provide beginners with the support, guidance, and encouragement they need to 1) learn about statistics/analytics and 2) use that knowledge to answer questions pertaining to hockey. In addition to 1-on-1 mentoring, mentees will be given a tailored guide with additional resources to strengthen their knowledge and skills. Mentees will also receive priority access to various HMP-sponsored workshops and social events hosted at major hockey analytics conferences.

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Sunday Notes: September 13, 2015

Math lecture at TKK.JPG
Math lecture at TKK” by Tungsten – photo taken by Tungsten. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Welcome to Sunday Notes, where we try to rehash important developments occurring on Hockey Graphs and elsewhere in the CORSI twitter league in less than 500 words. I’m sorry if we forgot about your post, or misconstrued what you said. We don’t care. Don’t @ us. Just do better next time. – Asmaen

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