2019 #RITSAC Slides and Video

Below are the presenters and slides from the 2019 Sports Analytics Conference held at the Rochester Institute of Technology on September 14th. All videos are time-stamped save for one which could not be recorded. Please reach out to Ryan Stimson if you have any difficulties accessing the slides and/or video. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who attended and/or presented!



0:00 Alyssa Longmuir slides Fringe Sports Analytics – Lessons in Growth, Independence, Data Gaps, and Building Momentum

11:00 Gordon Arsenoff slides MARTIN-QUINN, or, The Projection Is Coming From Inside The WAR Model

29:00 Meghan Hall slides Tracking Increasing Offense on the Penalty Kill

51:00 Jake Flancer slides A Bayesian Model for Estimating NHL Team Scoring

1:24:00 Panel: Andrew Thomas, Namita Nandakumar, Devin Pleuer, and Seth Partnow

2:19:00 Shawn Ferris slides Using Analytics to Evaluate and Monitor Tactical Systems in Ice Hockey

2:36:00 Namita Nandakumar slides NHL Player Size Impacts Performance

2:57:00 Robert Weber & Eddy Tabone slides Rochester Knighthawks Analytics: A Beginning of Statistical Analysis in Box Lacrosse

3:17:00 Andrew Thomas slides Quizzing For Dollars: Data Driven Training For Competitive Trivia

Lunch Break

4:41:00 Carleen Markey slides WHAC: Exploring the Aging Curve in Women’s Hockey

5:03:00 Devin Pleuer slides Space: The Final Frontier

No video Senthil Natarajan slides A Mixed Effects Modeling Approach to Predicting NBA Free Agency


ICEBERG Data Competition Winners

6:04:00 Marc Richards slides Expected Completed Pass Model

6:26:00 Yousuf Lahaye  & Alex Profiti slides Developing a Data-Driven Player Ranking in Hockey Using Predictive Model Weights

6:44:00 Nathan de Lara slides Measuring Goals Added Through Passes and Skating in the NHL


7:17:00 Michael Schuckers slides A New Perspective on NHL Shot Mapping

7:35:00 Abby Asma slides Factors Influencing NHL Shootout Success

7:49:00 Micah Blake McCurdy slides Effect of Aging on Shot Rates, with Immortal and Co-Immortal Time Bias

8:29:00 Peter Flynn slides Are Some GMs Better at Getting Value from Signed Contracts?

8:53:00 Olivia Lin slides Puck and Player Movement: An Analysis of the Toronto Maple Leafs Entry Strategy


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