We are all human

Hey everyone.

A bit of a change of pace for Hockey-Graphs, here is a bit of an informal blog post. There are two separate things I want to address.

First thing:

I made a mistake.

Long ago on an article about Corsi and context, I made an error with moving the data from one spreadsheet into another. Everything in the specific article was actually correct. However, I had linked to a summarized data table on Google docs though that had some erroneous data on it.

The Google doc had summarized the average goal differentials for sets of players given their position in the depth charts and their Corsi%. What had happened is I accidentally copied 2nd line and 3rd line forwards in both their appropriate place and where 2nd and 3rd pair defenders should go. The online document has since been corrected and can be viewed here.

I made another mistake though in building an article off of that Google document. This article used the previous data in creating a quick model to estimate the goal impact difference between two players with differing Corsi percentages. The image has since been corrected.

I want to always be clear of my methods and my intentions, so this is why I wanted to post this to you.

Second thing:

Far smaller detail, the Hockey-Graphs podcast will be postponed until probably Friday. Rhys and I were not able to find a time convenient to both of us in order to record a session until then.

Until next time and thank you for reading and supporting our work.

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