#RITHAC Slides, Video, & Recap

On Saturday, September 10th, the 2nd Hockey Analytics Conference at the Rochester Institute of Technology was held. It was a huge success and this post has the slides for each presenter, as well as video for most of the day. We had some technical problems early on, but most of the event was recorded. There is also footage of the #RITHAC Cup that was held immediately following the conference (stick tap to Conor Tompkins for Periscoping the event).

Ryan Wilson attended wrote up a nice recap here. Scott Cullen also wrote one here.

We had some technical issues with the stream, so we only have fifteen minutes of the first panel, but we do have the slides for the Data Visualization Panel (Meredith Wills’ are here, Mara Averick’s are here, and you all are familiar with Micah’s work). John Fischer’s presentation is also missing, but as luck would have it, John wrote up his presentation as well as recorded a video of him going over it. So, in the end, we didn’t lose too much.

The rest of they day was divided into Morning Session & Afternoon Session  links. The speakers are time-stamped in the description on each page. One quick point that Bill West asked me to include is something he discussed on Twitter following the conferece. The thread starts here. Slides are below.

Micah Blake McCurdy  & slides

Sean Tierney & slides

Michael Schuckers & slides

Dawson Sprigings & slides

Eric Cantor & slides

Nick Mercadante & slides

John Fischer & slides

Ryan Stimson & slides

Matt Cane & slides

#RITHAC Cup Video

Thanks again to Conor for Periscoping the event.

Part 1

Part 2


Team Photos


Front Row: Ryan Piraneo (@RyPir213), Matt Pfeffer (@MattPfefferHky), Nick Mercadante (@NMercad), Chris Abraham (@CrzyCanucklehed), Alison Lukan (@AlisonL), ??, Derek Jedamski (@D_Jedamski).

Middle Row: Sam Ventura (stat_sam), Luke Brennan (@lukebsauce), Andrew Thomas (@acthomasca), Ryan Stimson (@RK_Stimp), Arik Parnass (@ArikParnass), Eric Dunay (@ERock_28), Matt Douglas (@mattysdouglas), Nate (@NKB121), Ryan Wilson (@GunnerStahl), Matt Cane (@Cane_Matt).

Back Row: Tyler (@tyler_tp), Robb Tufts (@robbtuftshockey), Scott Cullen (@tsnscottcullen), Nick Veronica (@NickVeronica), Scott Matla (@scottmatla), David Meck (@meckelangelo), Alex.


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