Hockey Graphs live video (Pod)cast #1 : Tuesday 10/6/15 at 9PM EST!

This Tuesday at 9PM EST, we’ll be holding our first official Hockey Graphs live video podcast. This is a live event, so if you want to chat with some of the Hockey Graphs guys or ask some questions to us, you can do that and we’ll try and answer! (If you’re on mobile, you can chat via the youtube ap, apparently). And if you have some topics/questions you’d like us to discuss that you know of in advance, please feel free to leave a comment to this post and we’ll try to discuss in the actual live cast!

The stream will be featured here:

We did a preview stream for about an hour on Saturday, so you can see what that looked like below:

Hope to see you then!

One thought on “Hockey Graphs live video (Pod)cast #1 : Tuesday 10/6/15 at 9PM EST!

  1. Awesome! I, unfortunately, have a conflict but will definitely listen to the recording after the fact. As for topics, I’d be interested in hearing your take on the slowness of this year’s free agency period compared to previous years. Why did so many guys take so long or not get signed at all, and do you think that this was a one-off event or the new standard for future free agent periods?

    Also, you may have covered this in the test podcast, but it would be great to hear more about your work on neutral zone score effects and where you think the work could go from here.

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