Women’s Olympic Hockey Predictions

It’s the Olympics again, which means it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: watching Canada underperform at ice-hockey! And while Hilary Knight breaking the hearts of Canadians is fun for everybody, the only thing that’s more fun is watching Hilary Knight break the hearts of Canadians while you have a statistical model that predicts each team’s likelihood of winning a medal! That’s right, Hockey Graphs is taking on the challenge of predicting the Women’s Olympic Hockey Tournament results.[1]

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2015 Hockey Graphs Standings Predictions

As a loyal reader of Hockey Graphs you may be aware that today marks the start of the 2015-16 NHL season. This is an uncertain time in many hockey fans’ lives, and you probably have questions: Will my favourite team make the playoffs? Who is going to win the Stanley Cup? Are the Leafs really going to be that bad again?

As standings-list-compiler-in-chief of Hockey Graphs (we almost went with Listicleditor in Chief but thought it was too wordy), my job is to answer those questions for you. I have made the process of knowing who is going to make the playoffs, win their division, and play for the cup easy! So easy in fact, that even a Habs fan could get it (the process, not the Cup, they’re definitely not going to win the Cup). Simply consult the sharply presented table below and you (probably) won’t even need to watch the games! Isn’t that simpler and more fulfilling?

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