#RITHAC 2017 Slides & Video

Yesterday, the third annual Rochester Institute of Technology Hockey Analytics Conference was held. Below are links to the slides for each presenter, as well as links to a stream of the morning and afternoon sessions. Please refer to this post for the time of each person’s talk or panel. More detailed recaps are undoubtedly coming from people, so this is simple a reference for streams and slides for those that missed the event or would like to revisit certain talks.

Friday Night Coding Workshop (Asmae Toumi, Namita Nandakumar, and Dawson Sprigings). Also, all the resources for the workshop are accessible in this tweet from Namita.

Saturday Morning Session:

2:30 – 56:00 Media and Analytics panel with Stephanie DriverAlison LukanCorey Pronman, and Jashvina Shah.

1:08:45 – 1:25:20 Namita Nandakumar and slides

1:25:50 – 1:44:40  Stephen Burtch and slides

1:45:00 – 2:12:50 Micah Blake McCurdy and slides

Q&A Follows

2:28:00 – 3:28:00 WAR Panel with Michael Schuckers, Steve Shea, Dawson Sprigings, and Meredith Wills

Saturday Afternoon Session:

3:15 – 21:00 Matt Cane and slides

22:00 – 40:00 Alex Novet and slides

42:30 – 1:06:30 Brian Macdonald and slides

Q&A Follows

1:18:40 – 1:35:30 Devin Pleuler and slides

1:36:30 – 1:54:30 Matt Hoffman and slides

1:55:00 – 2:08:15 Chris Watkins and slides

Q&A Follows

2:41:00 – 3:06:25 Gordon Arsenoff and slides

3:07:00 – 3:27:00 Cole Anderson and slides

Q&A Follows

That’s all until next year. Huge thanks to everyone involved and who took time out of their busy lives to make this a great event.



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