The Hockey-Graphs Podcast Episode 5: Mock Off-Season Part 1

Adam Stringham was joined by: Chris Watkins, Namita Nandakumar, Garik16, Shayna Goldman and Carolyn Wilke to redo the 2017 NHL off-season!

Here are the rules that we used for the mock off-season:

  • The rosters were rolled back to the start of free agency.
  • The Salary Cap has gone up 10% to 82.5M
  • Max contract length is 5 years
  • There are player and team options (so Connor McDavid could sign a 4 year contract with a player option for the 5th year)
  • All no trade clauses are void, and teams can go over the cap to sign their own players (up to $90M)
  • There is no compensation for offer sheets. the team can either match or the player walks for free.

Any comments are appreciated, the goal is to produce a podcast that people want to hear. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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