VanHAC Announcement: Ticket Sales and Headliners!


It’s been a little while, as we’ve been sorting out venue costs and sponsorship, but today we can officially give you information on how and when to get tickets for VanHAC.


We are excited to announce our two headliners for our event!

Meghan Chayka from Stathletes will be our keynote speaker and later in the day SportNet’s Dan Murphy and Dimitri Filipovic, will be hosting a Naked Eye vs Nerdy Guy panel.


Where: EventBrite

When: Ticket Sales will start on January 12th

Cost: $40 CAD

The tickets sales will help us pay for venue and AV related costs.  Included with your tickets is breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages throughout the day of the conference. Should any profit remain, all proceeds will be donated to a local Vancouver charity.

Ticket sales are limited so get yours ASAP!


A friendly reminder that speaker submissions are due on January 10th.  We will process those as quickly as possible and let the accepted speakers know of our decision as quickly as possible.  All accepted speakers will be given free entry to VanHAC17 which we will coordinate with the individuals, and refund any speakers who initially purchased tickets on the 12th.

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