An update on Hockey-Graphs and an open call for contributors

Hello everyone! Remember us?

Yes it has been quite some while my friends.

We do have some news though. So, sit down, grab a coffee or a cold one, and hear a few things we wish to say.

For those that follow me either on Twitter or my writing elsewhere, you may notice I’ve been very busy building the website Jets Nation — which I now manage.

Due to this workload, I haven’t been able to develop the project that is Hockey-Graphs as much as I would like.

Thankfully though this will change.

I have built the following and support at Jets Nation which will now allow me to do the same for Hockey-Graphs.

From our viewpoint, Hockey-Graphs is a unique hockey blog, unlike any other still running: a website constructed for the online hockey community to deposit their research and development work in the field of hockey statistics.

While many blogs move towards a news blast, click-bait format, Hockey-Graphs looks simply to create high-quality, original work.

However, the site has fallen dormant for too long and this will soon change.

To start, we will be adding three new contributors with Josh Weissbock, “Moneypuck”, and Rhys Jessop.

You may recognize these three individuals as the developers of Player Cohort Success, a new statistic for evaluating prospects and drafting. The four of us, with emphasis on Moneypuck and Weissbock, have worked together in pushing statistical learning on prospects like no one has done before — at least in the public sphere.

This also means that The Hockey-Graphs Podcast will likely start up once again in the fall, with the NHL’s pre-season.

We do have one other big announcement, but the project is still in development and too early to publicize yet (tease).

We are also opening the field to new contributors.

Hockey-Graphs looks to be the leading supplier in public hockey research and offers a location for your work to by our readers, which includes many of those already working in hockey management.

Due to our profile, we do require previous experience with blogging on statistical research and having some minimal notoriety.

There are many out there who have their own sites where they feature their own work exclusively. For those they may wish an area to cross-post their research and expand their own following and readership.

If you are interested, send your inquiries to garrethohlaih (at) gmail (dot) com.

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