The Hockey Graphs (EP 6): Methot Money


Welcome to the fifth episode of the Hockey Graphs podcast, where Rhys Jessop (of Canucks Army and That’s Offside) and Garret Hohl  (of Jets Nation and Hockey-Graphs) continue talking about hockey while learning how to podcast. Join us as we talk about Chris Tanev negotiations, RFA statuses and the cap, Olli Jokinen trade, the trade deadline and what it means to a few teams.

5 thoughts on “The Hockey Graphs (EP 6): Methot Money

  1. Do any of you guys know why there is this gigantic trend of paying too much money towards “heart and soul” defenseman? It’s really obnoxious because you know this gives the Mike Milbury’s and Don Cherry’s all the incentive to be on their high horse while Mike Green, Erik Karlsson and John Carlson will be grossly over-scrutinized and undervalued as a result.

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